The areas of development supported by our workshops at Little Prince Academy are explained on the next page, along with the activities. At Little Prince Academy (LPA), games are age-appropriate and interesting, and materials are used to support children's developmental areas. Parents are also included in the activities in order to ensure that the skills aimed to be acquired by the children in the game activities are reinforced at home as well. 


Stress and pessimism disappear in an efficient, creative, and fun workshop environment where respect for art and the artist is the fundamental value!                      In this workshop, activities are carried out to develop your child's dexterity and artistic taste.

Activity Examples                                                                                                                         Bracelet Making

Painting Work

Print Work

Three-Dimensional Studies with Waste Materials


Thematic games workshop has been designed as original and contemporary playground areas, where children can come with their parents and throw off their energy, get rid of the stress of the day, and leave themselves to the sweetness of the game.

Activity Examples

Playing House

Manipulative Games

Board Games

Build Games

Games Played with Natural Materials


In this workshop, it is aimed that your child will gain a love of dance/drama, a taste for art, and aesthetic sensitivity. Children will have the chance to jump, sing, dance, dream, and look at their inner world once more.

Activity Examples

Creative Dance

Choreographed Dance

Dramatic Story


Your child hears and learns musicality with the speeches he hears in the womb when prenatal. The relationship of your child with the voice increases with birth. Their ties with music are strengthened through lullabies, swings, be dandling, then rhymes, counting-out games, and musical games. In this workshop, your child is provided to express various feelings, thoughts, and impressions with tunes and rhythms.

Activity Examples                                                                                                                        Listening to Sounds
Distinguish Sounds
Rhythm Studies
Playing the Piano
Musical Dramatization
Games with Song



Reading is among the main functional academic skills. Children who are intertwined with books from early age acquire the reading habit more. The books that are read, listened to, analyze, and looked at illüstrasyons through this workshop help your child develop their imagination, add more words to their mental lexicon, and relate between events.                                                                                                 

Activity Examples
Individual Reading Studies
Group Reading Studies
Encyclopedia Review
Creating a Story with Pictures


Some concepts such as human values and social life rules can be taught to children through movies. This workshop is a source of stimulus for your child's psycho-social and cognitive development in terms of giving your child a different excitement from daily life, having a good time, having fun, learning, comprehending the cinema culture, and following the rules. ​ ​                                                                                   

Activity Examples
Watching Animated Movies


In this workshop, it is ensured that your child takes the horse's approach as a role model, respects other livings with admiration, and supports different development areas of your child, who connect with these magnificent animals. There are also poultry and small cattle animals at Little Prince Academy. Poultries roam outdoors every day; They dig in the ground, feed on fresh greenery, and sunbathe, small cattle sprawl on the land reserved for them, and horses roam behind fences in all their splendor...Children who are together with different kinds of creatures learn to regulate their behavior in the most natural way.

Activity Examples
Bonding with the Horse
Grooming Horses
Horse Back Riding
Recognizing and Communicating with Other Animals


‘’Children will save our world, which is polluted with each passing day,  by touching with love the roots and leaves of plants, showings and growing them.’’                          With this workshop, we strive to ensure that children who grow up in an urban environment spend time in nature, exercise their bodies, connect with nature and touch the soil.         

Activity Examples
Compost Making
Lavender Harvesting and Packaging
Irrigation Practices With Conventional Earthenware Water Jug 
Planting and Taking Care of Fruit-Vegetable-Plant


One of the most suitable places for children to understand and develop their sense organs is in the kitchen. In this workshop, children taste the delicacies they produce with their own hands and of course, share them with their surrounding people. Little gourmets will experience the happiness of cooking their foods in this workshop and have a lot of fun while discovering their talents and trying new flavors...

Activity Examples
Cooking Eggs
Making Pasta
Making Salad
Making Cake 
Making Cookies